What is the Veterans Health Council?

The Veterans Health Council’s Mission Statement is:
“To improve health care for veterans by creating an ongoing forum for members of the medical and clinical professions, employee representatives, advocacy organizations, and healthcare firms to discuss, develop, and promote effective efforts to:

  1. inform veterans and their families about health issues and benefits available to them;
  2. educate health care communities about the multiple health issues associated with military service;
  3. develop materials on veterans’ health issues for medical schools, nursing schools, teaching hospitals, and related educational outlets; and
  4. advocate on behalf of veterans’ healthcare initiatives.”

Why is it needed?

Almost 70% of veterans don’t use the VA for their health care.
Most veterans do not belong to a Veterans Service Organization.

Many veterans have health problems both physical and mental related to their military service, which entitles them to compensation and medical care from the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Unfortunately, too many veterans and their caregivers are unaware of the connection between these health issues and military service. This is a particular problem for those veterans who have served since the Vietnam War, as they have been exposed to toxic substances, which have impaired their health often many years after their military service.

What does the Council hope to accomplish?

Insure that veterans get the proper diagnosis based on the impact of their particular military service.